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 May 28, 2018

Who is behind the bench? I’m trying to remain a flames fan, Love that Vegas team though, Tons of heart!

LiUNA Union (feel the power) … You will see the logo on the Vegas Knights blue line. I was a president of LiUNA Union in the Calgary local about 4 years ago. Now I am back at LiUNA as a business agent!

The Vegas Knights really do (feel the power), they are playing with heart as a team. No Super Stars or Egos getting in the way. Reminds me of the Calgary Flames in the 2004, they were a team of heart and nothing could stop them!

  Both teams are meant to be in the Stanley cup finals, Washington is where our head office is and our logo (LiUNA) is on the Las Vegas ice, they both feel the power.

Could not believe who was recently behind the bench for Latvia in the 2018 IIHF world hockey tournament the team that did not have one NHL hockey player on their team. Canada won that game in overtime 2-1, lucky for them! The coach behind Team Latvia was Bob Hartley, a coach who I really admired! Bob has always brought his teams to a higher level including his Flames team, and no one wanted to hire him, I just don’t get it? But, then again, who says we have the best in the world, I’m talking about the NHL it self.


When Bob Hartley was hired, the Flames were not expected to make the playoffs and they did make the playoffs sooner than later, everyone was saying including all the media in Calgary we are rebuilding, we will NOT make the playoffs for a few years, This is why I want to back Bob Hartley, the Flames blamed him for the players not wanting to play for him, don’t get that the Flames just needed someone like me a business agent with LiUNA that would have put both the coach and the players together.

Coaches in the NHL, I now own NationalHockeyLeagueCoachesAssociation.com I will back you. I am back at LiUNA we are people that care for our members.

  Just like what I said in my last story the four top teams played against each other in the second round of the playoffs and they would burn each other out and all four teams would not make the Stanley cup finals.

Congratulations to George McPHee, President and General Manager of Hockey operation for the Las Vegas Knights. How many GM’s can say they were part of building both teams, the Washington Capitals and the Las Vegas Golden Knights that will be playing in the 2018 Stanley cup finals. 

I’m missing my buddy Harley Hotchkiss, he was a guy that more than loved the game of hockey! He wanted to keep the Flames in Calgary, with no threat of leaving our great hockey city, He always let me in his office to talk hockey, without an appointment (maybe I barged in) …He was so open, friendly, cared so much for his players and the hockey city of Calgary. 

I am Pete Montgomery http://nhlfix.com/ , LiUNA.org and now the NationalHockeyLeagueCoachesAssociation.com


May 2, 2018

NHL FIX is back..

The NHL needs Common sense. I have been away traveling the past few years during the winter and kept my season tickets.

Playoffs are on and I can’t believe I am watching the second round of the playoffs and the two top teams are playing against each other in the East and the West, all the teams play hard to get to the top for a reason, so they can play the lower teams in their division. 

Best deal is just make the playoffs and your chances of winning the Stanley cup have just got better is that fair? Answer go back to East and West divisions where the top 8 teams in their division deserve to make the playoffs NOT this wildcard thing, they did not have the points deserving to be in the playoffs.

Now that the Stanley cup has been won, I was right the two top teams in the East and the West were not in the finals, maybe burnt out. Common sense top teams play the lower teams in their division and no more wild card go back to top 8 teams in the east and west.

Love the 3 on 3 in overtime but I just don’t understand that the team the losses in overtime or shootout they get a point WHY? If you want to make the game faster, see more scoring and fun to watch without teams holding back at the end of the game to gain a point’ give the winner only 2 points for the win. Answer no more ties or points for losing the game.

 I think hockey fans would like to see  3 on 3 for five minutes, and, if no score, end the game in  a tie without a shootout!!!…..Please leave the shootout  for a soccer, not hockey! 


Be fair to the owners, teams especially the fans, it is so hard if you’re in one of the divisions (East or West) where your team has more points that does not make the playoffs, but a wildcard team does make the playoffs with less points, just not fair. East and West does work in most sports.

Teams losing skillful players and coaches, they need to hire someone from the outside that works well with both sides, players like Taylor Hall and PK Subban, coaches like Bob Hartley that brought the flames to another level when needed, I hear things through the media (hear say) that could have been fixed, it’s a big loss to the Canadian teams this season that did not make the playoffs.

Pete Montgomery from http://www.travelcheapwithpete.com/  road trip Calgary to Panama http://www.travelcheapwithpete.com/home/archives/12-2015 or http://nhlfix.com/ 

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